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The new Aberfeldy Village, a £250m redevelopment project on a triangular site bounded by the A12, A13, East India Dock Road and Abbott Road will see the creation of 1,000 new homes an energy centre, new modern retail, community and health amenities with public space and green oases woven into the building fabric.


PSB UK Ltd recently handed over this prestigious project consisting of two single level basement Car Parks for Block A & Block C both with a single entry/exit via a vehicle ramp.


The fully ventilated systems are compliant with current Building Regulations and in accordance with British Standards to provide smoke dispersal in the event of fire.

The systems include Extract Fans, Impulse Fans, CO Monitoring & Fire Detection Systems all supported from a PLC Main Control Panel.

Contaminated air will be extracted via two main extract fans mounted in parallel, the extract fans are located opposite the car park fresh air intake. CO monitoring will be adopted to reduce energy consumption and to reduce the running costs for day to day ventilation by varying the rate of ventilation according to the level of traffic movement. Under “normal” ventilation conditions, air will be drawn through all parts of the car parks at a rate equivalent to approximately 3 air changes per hour and the impulse fan will operate at low speed. CO pollution levels will be continually monitored. On detection of CO levels rising beyond 20ppm, the impulse fan will operate at low speed to mix and dilute the CO gases for extract via the main fans. Should the CO level continue to rise to 30ppm, the air change rate will increase to 6 per hour. The main extract fans will vary in speed according the exhaust pollution levels within the car park, thereby providing the 3 to 6 air changes per hour.


A fully addressable fire detection system is to be installed using multi-criteria fire detector heads which would monitor both smoke and temperature. Sounders are to be fitted within the system. Manual call points are also installed at the basement staircore entrances and upon activation of the manual call points the smoke detection sounders will activate only.

On detection of fire via the smoke detection system, the system is to sound immediately on this signal and the extract fans will operate immediately. After 1 minute, the impulse fan will operate at full speed. This increases the airflow to at least 10 air changes per hour and creating effective dispersal of the smoke.

The control of the ventilation systems is via a master control panel located within a compartment separated from the main body of the car parks. The control panel will incorporate all necessary starters, overloads and control functions necessary to ensure that the ventilation system responds appropriately to the conditions within the car parks.


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