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Fan Systems Group – Trusted to Perform



Fan Systems was founded in 1950, and is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of high quality industrial fans, with units operating across a diverse range of process applications throughout the world.



Comprehensive ranges


Fan Systems offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of any manufacturer in the world.
The Fan Systems design approach offers multiple impellers for each fan type, allowing the most economical arrangements to be confidently selected.  Even if applications necessitate change, a different impeller can, in most cases, be used without having to change the whole fan.




The continued exposure to applications with the highest performance requirements, such as nuclear power plants, naval vessels, chemical installations etc, has enabled Fan Systems to gain extensive experience with all kinds of materials.


Standard specifications


Offered as standard are a wide selection of outlet positions, casing geometries, casing thicknesses, materials and impellers for the various fan types.