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Centrifugal Fans


Fan Systems manufacture a large number of special centrifugal fan and blower designs to customer specifications. Whatever the size of your enquiry, we will endeavour to produce a fan to meet the specifications.

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Axial Flow

Axial Fan

The Witt axial fan range is one of the most comprehensive of any manufacturer in the world.

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Atex Fans


Our range of centrifugal fans is now complemented by the Meidinger range of explosion-proof, "Zone Zero" fans.

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Bespoke Fans


Fan Systems has over 6,500 different types of casing design.

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Tunnel Fans


WITT UK Group is renowned for its range of Axial-flow, Jet fans and Banana Fans, which are installed in tunnels worldwide.

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Jet Fans

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Jet Fans remove the need for space and energy consuming ducting as well as providing smoke control in the event of fire.

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